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Fallen Angel Entertainment is the fun(er/ist?) part of Molecular Mixology Ltd that deals with our directly owned, and partner, venues as well as developing exciting new collaborations with companies both in and out of the industry. Our concept is new innovative social experiences with a little dash of education mixed together to perfection!

Fallen Angel benefits from extensive contacts in the entertainment and hospitality industry both domestically and internationally… looking for a cool place to party in Seoul or Sydney? We’ve got you covered for that too.

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The idea for Suspire Records stemmed from Co-owners Daniel Reid and Ben Upton, when they realised there was not a platform for independent artists who were just starting to emerge in the industry. With years of experience between them, they set out to use the layout of a record label, but make it more accessible for artists who may just be starting out.

With a plethora of contacts in the industry, extensive knowledge of social media algorithms and techniques, and modern studio equipment, Suspire offer professional industry standards for a fraction of the price of their competitors.


WithUs, also known as B More WithUs, is a new and exciting company that brings high quality music, art and business classes to everyone! Gone are the days of piano and violin lessons only being affordable by the few… welcome to social learning for todays society! If you need help developing a presentation, we have experts for that… if you want to learn to smash the drums, we have experts for that… if you want to… you get the general idea right?

Affordable group and private classes, all conducted under strict social distancing guidelines and in highly controlled and sterilised venues!


Molecular Mixology Ltd is the daddy company that helps make sure that all it’s little children are healthy, well fed and productive members of the family. You probably won’t interact much with Molecular Mixology but we’re there in the background bringing new concepts and new business collaborations into reality.

If you are looking for large scale corporate events or looking to invest in the ongoing growth of Moleular Mixology Ltd then you should get in touch and see what amazing things we can make happen together!